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Is There a “Freight Recession” in the U.S?

Data Suggests Freight Recession Fears Overblown “Freight Recession” fears have been in the news recently, with many media pundits fanning the flames. Is there a “freight recession” underway in the… Read more »

Self Driving Truck

Introducing the Self-Driving Truck

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  Not to be outdone by Google, German vehicle manufacturer Daimler AG announced the introduction of a self-driving truck yesterday. U.S. based Freightliner, in turn, has been given a license… Read more »

Trucking Delays Grow at Port of Los Angeles

As was widely anticipated, trucking delays have been mounting in recent weeks in the Port of Los Angeles/Long Beach, the nation’s busiest port and gateway to Asia. The delays are… Read more »

Is Your Freight Broker Bonded?

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New MAP-21 Law Threatens to Revoke Many Freight Broker’s Licenses Update (12/11/13):  As of today, the FMCS has revoked over 3,500 broker licenses, representing over 30% of all licensees. As… Read more »