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How to Become a Known Shipper

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It is probably the single-most frequently asked question we get:  How can we become a “Known Shipper” ?  This inquiry has become the Catch-22 of the post-9/11 shipping era. Or, for… Read more »

Choosing the Right Pallets for International Shipping

OK, let’s face it, choosing the right pallets for international shipping does not usually make for stimulating intellectual discourse. Their proper usage is not a great conversation starter. Nonetheless, if… Read more »

Weekend Shipping Update: Late Season Winter Storm in Store for the U.S.

By Blake Cotcamp Meteorology Intern Summary: The long, harsh winter for the Eastern United States is still going strong, as March will be welcomed in by a potent, late season… Read more »

10 Tips on Choosing a Freight Broker

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Here it is January of the New Year and you promised your boss that you were going to sit down and review your list of vendors. Or worse, your longtime… Read more »