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Wide-body Air Freight Returns to the U.S.

Service Returns After a Three Year Absence Affordable Option to UPS/FedEx   Air & Surface Logistics is pleased to announce the return of wide-body air-freighter service to the U.S. domestic… Read more »

How to Become a Known Shipper

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It is probably the single-most frequently asked question we get:  How can we become a “Known Shipper” ?  This inquiry has become the Catch-22 of the post-9/11 shipping era. Or, for… Read more »

Svalbard Island – Delivery to the Top of the World

I have been in the logistics business in one form or another for nearly 27 years. At this point, our logistics team has delivered Crispy Creme donuts half way across… Read more »

10 Tips to Save on Shipping

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  In the age of Amazon Prime, free shipping and drones delivering packages directly to your residence, we thought we would offer you a little bit of down-to-earth advice while… Read more »