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Our mission is simple: Deliver the maximum possible value to our customers by providing the highest quality service, at the lowest possible cost.?? Do so in the most professional manner in the industry, while building relationships through personalized, old-fashioned customer service.

What We Believe

Air & Surface Logistics was founded in 1984 with the belief that there is still a place for a Company who treats its customers, employees and vendors with honesty, professionalism and respect. From the beginning, we recognized that when we deliver for you, our performance reflects directly on you and your business.

We believe in building business partnerships. We want to be much more than just another vendor. Our goal is to work side-by-side with your organization as a true business partner who shares your goals and desire to succeed.

We believe in providing value. We compete in an aggressive marketplace on service and price. We recognized when we started, and still believe today, that people want a reliable, high-quality service at a fair price.

We believe in a providing a personal touch. Even in today’s lightning-fast, e-commerce business environment, when you call us, you are immediately connected to a real person who cares about your business. You’ll never need to navigate a labyrinth of voicemail options to speak to us.

We believe that our customer service and operations staff are the best in the industry. We are constantly looking for ways to improve.

We believe that we provide the finest service in the business and we are constantly looking for ways to improve. Whether your logistics needs call for a local, cross-town delivery of inventory to a key customer, or a critical supply-chain move from the far side of the world, we believe that we have the knowledge, skill and resources to get the job get done on budget and on-time.

Finally, we recognize that you have many choices when you ship. Please know that we will always appreciate your business, not just the first time you ship with us, but also each and every time.

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